20% of salary budget is flushed down the drain: the time tracker to stop it

Do not flush your money down the drain: CrocoTime helps to make your employees more efficient.

According to a research of HeadHunter agency employees spend about 20% of working time on personal matters. It means that a fifth of the salary budget of companies is wasted. Installing the time tracker will help to reduce the use of entertainment websites and applications during working day.

The time tracker CrocoTime shows for how long various applications and websites are used by employees. The websites and applications are grouped into categories, and categories are specified as either productive or unproductive. Based on this division, total productive and unproductive time is calculated. Subsequently access to unproductive resources can be denied and the time spent on entertainment can be deducted from the salary. If your organization is large, then start the analysis with the statistics of departments so you can quickly find the problematic departments and if necessary, get detailed data on employees, applications, and websites to determine the reasons of inefficiency. CrocoTime quickly detects new entertaining websites. Analyzing the statistics collected and presented by the time tracker CrocoTime, it is easy to separate those who really work from those who only pretend to. Some customers use employee monitoring features of CrocoTime to track employment websites to learn if an employee plans to leave the company. This allows you to either prevent valuable employees from leaving, after ascertaining the reasons for such decision, or find a replacement in time, if the decision of the employee is permanent.

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