7 features of a good chief

Most people think that there are only bad chiefs in our life. However, good ones also exist. They create the best products, arrange the best services, control the work of the personnel, keep business processes optimized and companies they manage develop faster than others. There are, actually, a lot of good chiefs. However, nobody is perfect. There are no perfect chiefs at all. Each good chief has a bunch of shortcomings which are usually the continuation of their advantages.

A good chief is a relative phenomenon. When you work under the leadership of a good chief, you usually don’t even think about it. You see a lot of his shortcomings and you get irritated if he is demanding to you or even hypercritical. But as soon as you change your place of work and meet the other chief, your previous manager seems the best chief ever to you, because his advantages were perceived as something taken for granted. The opposite situation may also happen: when you think that your chief is good but after you meet the other one you start understanding that the previous one was not so interesting, experienced and positive.

However, there are several absolute features of good chiefs which help you to understand that you work under the leadership of a really good manager.

  1. A good chief is somebody who leads the way. If you communicate with a good chief it is obvious that he is a leader.
  2. A good leader always has an inspiring aim. It is not the aim to earn a lot of money, or to optimize business processes of a company. This aim is of the higher level. This aim should be something that inspires all the employees of a company, something that helps people to be a team.
  3. Principles and values of a chief should be shared with those people who work for him. And it often doesn’t matter what these principles and values are. It is significantly important to share them and to follow them by the whole team of employees under the leadership of a chief.
  4. A good chief is positive and he implements his work with pleasure and humor. Of course, a chief cannot always smile and be happy. Solving difficult and highly unpleasant problems, he may be negative as well as tough or even fierce.
  5. A good chief should be experienced and skilled. Maybe, at first, a chief is not familiar with an industry or doesn’t know a company he manages. But after some time, he must be familiar with the sphere of business he works in and with everything what is going on in a company. When an experienced manager starts working in a new company he may need even a business process optimization in order to adjust all organizational system to himself.
  6. A good chief achieves the result. People love winning and real teams appear when people achieve the result together. When a company fulfills a task successfully with the help of the chief but not in spite of him, a chief becomes really good. For example, very often employees don’t understand the necessity of a business process optimization. However, after the result is achieved, people realize the importance of this process in a company.
  7. A good chief is an example to follow for his employees. Whether it is a crisis or a business process optimization, or even the peak of success of a company, a good chief should be someone people want to be like.


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