8 ways to improve your management quality

Management quality is one of important factors assuring success of your company functioning. 10 ways for a chief manager to improve management quality are described in this article.

  1. First thing that you should remember in order to improve your management quality is to know that you are a chief manager and all duties which can be fulfilled by employees should be fulfilled by them.
  2. Then, reconsider your current aims: are they described distinctly, consistently and non-contradictory? Does each aim have an appropriate quality and time characteristics? Do your business processes respond these aims or you need to make business process optimization in order to correlate your aims with your actual performance? Remember that an aim without these parameters is just a wish. Of course, sometimes an aim cannot be measured. But, in this case, it should be described as a distinct pattern, for when it is reached, it would be obvious that it was reached in a proper way.
  3. Reconsider the general idea of your aim achievement. All your objectives should be directed to achieving of one big aim.
  4. Try to overview what factors have a significant influence on fulfilling of your objectives. Which of them have a constant impact and which have a temporary character?
  5. Each competent chief manager does planning. That is why you should make distinct plans of your actions from general and strategic to tactic and operational. Divide all your objectives to the stages and specify them. Do it till the whole way of realization of each big aim turns to the number of not very big, simple and come-at-able steps. Do it together with your employees as it will save your time for your explanations to them and will motivate your team.
  6. Simplify existing model of management. Your management system should be stable and effective. The faster and better your tasks are made the more quality the system is. Nowadays most companies use business process optimization. This process can be directed to the management system and can help to understand what parts of it are ineffective, take a lot of time and interfere your improving. The system should provide you only with the information which is really used when managing, not more, but not less. Very often the results of business process optimization in this sphere of business are reducing of the number of medium-level managers, reducing of the number of documents and instructions and simplification of information flow.
  7. Optimization of business processes connected with responsibilities and motivation of personnel also give significant results: making of a strong correlation between motivation and responsibilities of personnel can help to solve the problem of motivation and personnel work effectiveness.
  8. It is important to mention that a chief manager should control the results of current objectives. You should constantly follow the current situation in the company, otherwise everything can go wrong. Some companies use business process optimization as a temporary tool for improving. However, a chief manager should be always aware of how well business processes are optimized and what difficulties can occur in the future in order to prevent them.

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