Business process improvement: modern vision, reasons and results

Business process improvement is a complex of methods and approaches which give the opportunity to improve work effectiveness of companies to company chief managers. As it follows from the name of the procedure, which is also called business process management, the main purpose of it is to optimize business processes which will help to make them more effective.

The sample of a company conscious about its business processes

In companies, paying attention to business process optimization:

  • Higher management and employees know what business processes they work on. These processes are presented as schemes, described in procedure manuals or explained to as methods of work recognized in the company.
  • Managers follow the quality of business processes implementation with the help of the system of formal indexes which is able to assess the quality of base resources and results and measure work effectiveness.
  • Higher management of the company put up powers and resources to business process optimization. Sometimes investments are directed to improvement of certain procedures, sometimes – to competitive growth of the company.
  • Companies which do not provide business process management can make similar management decisions, however, they do it from time to time, without any systematic approach.

Business process optimization is a process which can be used on each organizational level of the company: by a manager who is going to change relatively simple process within his department, by higher management whose aim is to to implement something new on a scale of the whole company in order to improve company work efficiency in general.

What are the reasons?

There are a number of events which can be a reason to business process optimization. Ineffective activities as well as problems in achieving of appropriate results can be reasons for it.

Significant changes on the market can also be a reason of such improvement. Changes of business conditions can have various forms starting from appearing of new technologies to the change of customer preferences or appearing of competitors.


Well organized program of business process optimization can give many significant results to your company. For example, you will find out how effectively your team satisfies requirements of your customers or other divisions of the company. Or you will be able to reconsider the strategy of personnel involvement with the purpose to improve knowledge and skills, to raise professional level of your team. Also you will get an opportunity to save your time and money, having simplified complicated and expensive procedures. Besides, you will be able to choose totally new business processes which will help your company to provide maximum quality services for customers, and, at the same time, having kept the costs down.

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