Business-processes of a company: describing, analysis and improving

бизнес процессы

Activities of each company have the general production cycle. From the point of view of describing of business-processes each unit of a company moves from one terminal to other and bear changes and in the end we get a product which is changed to money.

This process is functioning in all companies, and it doesn’t matter whether it is a governmental or a profit-making company.

If we need to produce something and to produce a quality product we need to understand the technology of producing it. We should direct the flow of units in correct sequence and prevent their mixing up.

It is important for us to resolve the technology into small components, steps. We will call these steps processes. If we describe each process from the very beginning till the end we will get a product. Units are included into organization, bear changes and come out of it.

Business-process is an assembly of activities and objectives connected with each other which are directed to create a product or service for customers. Business-processes can be analyzed with the help of a time tracker. Business-processes can be also visualized with the help of a block diagram. Each business-process should have a manager who monitors it using a time tracker or other methods of control a business-process.

Block diagram is a wide spread kind of diagrams (graphical models) describing algorithms and processes where certain steps are pictured like blocks of different shapes connected with each other with lines. Time trackers can also present graphic forms of reports on business-processes.

If there is no description of business-processes production process can become spontaneous and constantly changing.

Description of business-processes is the basis using which a company can get planned results. If business-processes are functioning correctly a manager will get good results in time tracker reports.

Confusion is a random flow of units. Units are mixed up, come across each other and stay inside this area. If a terminal cannot give the flow out it means that it doesn’t produce anything.

Diagnostics “as it is” of all stages of a production cycle of a company, provided by the work of a time tracker gives the material for analysis of current picture in a company and see problems of employees and how they see their conclusion. These stages can be called preparative for re-engineering of business-processes. Each project on business-processes description consists of several steps. Some of these them can be excluded from the project or included in it.

Building and optimization of a company is provided by five stages:

  • Describing of a company structure “as it is”
  • Analysis of a company model “as it is”
  • A company structure development “as it should be”
  • Development of a plan of a transformation from “as it is” to “as it should be”
  • Implementation of changes and building of system “as it should be” in a company.

Using of time trackers can make this complicated process of optimization easier and quicker.

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