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Save money by eliminating lateness and increasing productivity.

Specialists of found that more than a half of employees are regularly 5-10 minutes late for work. Some of them are an hour (or more!) late. The time tracker of CrocoTime will help to put lateness under control and increase productivity.

Lateness usually starts small: an employee is 15 minutes late today, but 20 or 30 minutes late tomorrow. If a manager does not keep a record of working time, next time employees could come to work only at lunch. But the most dangerous thing is that such a conduct may become a poor example for others and punctual employees will start coming late too. If if there are no turnstiles installed in the organization, automated monitoring of lateness can be a challenging task. Alternatively, a manager can give a task to security personnel to keep a record of time of arrival and departure of staff. But such an approach cannot eliminate the human factor and influence of friendships. The manager can tell the staff to keep records of working time themselves, but who can guarantee honesty and accuracy? But who will monitor the log books, summarize the data and analyze problems? Computers help to perform many tasks faster and more efficiently. Now it is difficult to imagine a designer with a pencil and a drawing table, and not with a CAD system. Most companies today cannot operate without computers, this gives an opportunity to take a fresh look at the issue of time and attendance in the company. The time tracker CrocoTime records times of the first and last computer activity of employees, as well as periods of absence from the workplace. This allows you to address not only lateness but also excessive smoke breaks, frequent distractions and unscheduled coffee-breaks. Reports on total time of lateness per employee or department will help to assess the damage to the company and determine the severity of the penalties accordingly. Possibilities of integration with various organizational systems will help to automate the process and eliminate the human factor. The time tracker will calculate lateness by department, simplifying the identification of problematic departments.

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