CrocoTime: the stages of implementation of the time tracker

Implement CrocoTime and increase productivity in a few easy steps.

What should you do after receiving the first time tracker statistics? How to redistribute the load of staff introduce a system of personnel assessment and plan to develop each of the unproductive employees?

Stage 1. Workload redistribution based on statistics from the time tracker

So, the first statistics of employee productivity was received. An administrator compared the efficiency of departments, subordinates, and found inefficient units. What to do next? The next logical step is to redistribute workload of the staff: to give more tasks to those employees who have a lot of unproductive time (obviously they are not overloaded, spending working time on entertainment). If productivity increased and unproductive activity began to decline then the strategy is correct.

Stage 2. Make use of personnel evaluation system to improve labor discipline

If the measures taken in the first phase did not improve the situation you might want to try more efficient measures. Often employees do not hesitate to attend to personal matters at work if there are no direct prohibitions. Therefore, companies should introduce a system of key performance indicators (KPIs). For each subordinate several options demonstrating the quality of his work are selected. The limit of lateness, or the amount of unproductive time e.g. can be chosen as such indicators. Thanks to API support, this data can be automatically exported from CrocoTime time tracker to other corporate software systems. Personnel assessment motivates employees to monitor their performance and use the time tracker in their work. A regular wage increases or bonuses can serve as incentive for continuing improvement, when the required performance indicators are met for the past few personnel evaluation periods.

Stage 3. Results of the time tracker usage: development plan and conclusions

If the first two steps have not produced the desired results, you can develop a plan for training and development of staff. You can include the development of core competencies, and specialized employee training. After several evaluations of staff you can compare results. If the development plan and two periods of personnel assessment failed, an employee is obviously the case and any other measures would not solve the problem. Described methods of work with the personnel not only increase the efficiency from the implementation of a time tracker software but also motivate staff for further progress.

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