CrocoTime time tracker shows objective workload of employees.

CrocoTime: objective workload evaluation.

The issue that bothers both employees and managers is how balanced is the workload of employees. It is important for a manager to get the maximum result from paid work time and it is important for employees to be able to show when they are overloaded.
Evaluating the workload is not so easy, because it is needed to track working time precisely.

Problems which can be solved by using a time tracker

  1. Workload of employees is unevenly distributed within days, weeks, and months. Economic processes are cyclical, for this reason, workload of employees can be different: sometimes there is more time available, and there are situations when eight working hours are not enough. What is the solution? It is good if an employee has a slack to be able to handle peak workload periods. In such situations the time tracker CrocoTime solves the problem by providing an objective picture of the workload of employees which helps the management to distribute additional free hours throughout the workflow.
  2. When an employee intends to go on a vacation or comes the season of colds, it needs to be taken into account in advance. Indeed, during this period some employees depart from work and their colleagues should take on their functions. Where to get such a reserve? It is good to have a less loaded employee in case if someone needs help or replacement. Another option is to have several employees who are not 100% loaded. Otherwise, the temporary withdrawal of any employee who was 100% effective, will bring significant challenges upon the company during this time. What will be the result shown by the time tracker in this case? It will determine how many employees and how much time will be needed to align the situation at the time of the absence of one of the employees.
  3. Change and growth of a company has an impact on the quantity and complexity of workload. If the workload of the employees is 100% they will react negatively to the increasing load: they will not be able to take up new duties and fulfill the increased volume of work. In this case, usage of the time tracker will indicate overload of staff and allow to employ additional staff in time.

How to track and monitor work time?

What tools you need to monitor and optimize the workload of staff, correctly distribute tasks between employees and set reasonable and achievable deadlines? The automatic time tracker will be of great help in this case. It saves time of several employees who, in the case of manual tracking, would have to spend a lot of time analyzing and systematizing the data. The software improves corporate discipline, decreases lateness, records events of early leave and absence; it promptly notifies a manager of labor discipline violations via e-mail.


Many researches and polls confirm that employees waste from 12 to 30% of working time. This figure depends on the level of corporate culture, organization, and job functions. Each company independently calculates what level of load will its employees have; the time tracker CrocoTime has been developed specifically for the purpose of making this process simple, straightforward, and quick.

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