CrocoTime time tracker to conveniently analyze work time in big companies

Big companies

The large majority of modern time trackers are not suitable for monitoring the activities of employees in large companies. They are either not capable of working with a large number of computers, do not provide statistics on departments of an organization, or both.

The time tracker of CrocoTime differs from other solutions because it was originally designed to work with large numbers of employees. This is the first system which makes it is possible to compare the use of working time by structural divisions. In addition, CrocoTime is the first time tracker, where grouping of programs is available directly from the statistics window, which saves time and makes settings more convenient without the need to switch between different screens.

The larger an organization, the more difficult it is to implement a time tracker and attendance system. When the number of users reaches 50 or more, ordinary ways to analyze work time are no longer suitable. Viewing statistics on employees as a linear list does not provide information about the overall picture. CrocoTime is the first time tracker that implements the possibility to compare performance indicators of different units. By clicking on a division it is easy and convenient to see detail on particular employees.

Sometimes there is a need to compare specific employees from different departments. The time tracker CrocoTime supports this capability: a user only needs to select the employees and then compare them by any of the available indicators. To evaluate the use of various categories of web sites and programs, they should be grouped together. However, the number of visited web sites and used applications can be significant. It is therefore very important to have the possibility to group a new web site or a program after it is detected.

CrocoTime is the first time tracker that implements the ability to group applications and web sites directly from the statistics window, saving time and making settings more convenient without the need to switch between different screens and interruption.

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