Employees were satisfied with the new distribution of tasks

hellmann-v-otzivHellmann is an international transport and logistics company which has been providing transportation of goods for more than 135 years. The number of the company personnel is 12 872 people and it keeps on growing. That is why Director of Business Process Management of Hellmann in Russia Alexander Gromov needed a tool which could give the opportunity to understand work productivity of each employee. Having tested opportunities of different time tracking systems, the higher management chose CrocoTime.

It was very important for us to measure productivity and importance of each working process of the company. Besides that, we wanted to find a system which doesn’t monitor private data of people. Having analyzed different variants which were on the Russian market, we understood that CrocoTime system responds to all our requirements: working time productivity is showed objectively and clearly

Alexander Gromov Director of Business Process Management of Hellmann in Russia

How to define how much time is spent by employees on working with certain programs?

CrocoTime system allows doing that using convenient tools of data gathering. Each head of department can monitor work of employees and make decisions concerning workload management.

Higher management of the company had a doubt that employees can take CrocoTime implementation negatively. However, the personnel regarded the system as a tool for personal motivation and used it to enlarge their effectiveness. One more advantage of CrocoTime which we got is that the system let to balance the workload on each employee and to release leading specialists from excessive work.

How CrocoTime system helped Hellmann

  • Gave objective and understandable statistics
  • Balanced the workload of employees
  • Helped to define time spent on working with certain programs

I look at indexes of effectiveness and ineffectiveness and analyze time of absence at a work place. The system lets me to define quickly how effectively an employee or a department performed in different periods of time. Thanks to CrocoTime I can see the workload of each employee at the office and make appropriate management decisions on redistribution of staffing positions between departments, customers or projects

Alexander Gromov Director of Business Process Management of Hellmann in Russia

Implementing of CrocoTime showed that if managers have convenient tools which are able to give an objective statistics on each employee’s performance, the quality and effectiveness of the company begins to grow.