Customers are fond of a new approach to the work

KellyServices is one of the biggest international companies. It has been offering personnel outsourcing and human capital management since 1946 in all over the world and since 1993 in Russia. The company needed a solution which could help to get evidential base for performance effectiveness of employees who are offered to customers by the company to work on their objectives.

First of all, we use CrocoTime when we offer freelancers and remote employees to recruitment agencies. We need to have evidential base of how and what each employee was working on in a project. According to our labor contract, an employee should work a certain amount of time denoted in the contract. He should work on projects and tasks of exactly those company which pays for his work. That’s why the system is necessary for checking of compliance with the conditions of the labor contract

Alexander Britov

KellyServices IT Director


How to raise confidence of customers to services of the company?

CrocoTime gives reliable information on work of each employee.

After CrocoTime implementation approach to reporting to customers has changed significantly. Now time worked by every employee involved in a project is measured accurately and it became fairly simple to evaluate his contribution to its success.

KellyService customers, especially companies of IT-sector, actively encourage using of CrocoTime at work, as the system gives an exact report on how much time is spent on developing of one or another solution which have been preparing by remote employees of freelancers. How CrocoTime helped KellyServices:

  1. Provided data on time of start and end of work
  2. Let to find out who and how works on tasks
  3. Gave the opportunity of documentary support of work to the company customers


As a result of CrocoTime implementation, we have checked our employees and organized informing of each employee about the necessity to comply with the terms of the contract.

Alexander Britov

Conclusion: CrocoTime implementation let KellyServices to improve trust-based relations with customers and to organize business-processes correctly. In 2016 higher management increased the number of employees working with the system in order a larger volume and higher quality of productivity statistics to let the company making more rational and deep decisions.