Cutting Costs with Employee Time Tracking Software

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Time is the head way as it relates to money and software that saves and analyze time, growth up efficiency and cuts project costs. Whether a company is a little family bakery or a worldwide corporation, software that provides you with accurate time tracking, project tracking, and employee time tracking will eventually rise your profits.

By reducing the time spent on timesheet information entry and project reporting, your company will see its costs falling and productivity growing, which amounts to money saved. Understanding how an employee’s time is spent and realigning that time as necessary to the project at hand is a great step towards higher profitability. Another important signature to implementing remarkable time management is the opportunity to move employees and resources quickly between projects and tasks.

It’s in the Numbers

The opportunity to have a real time information on how any one or a group of your employees spends their work time will allow you to plan and make changes to reduce internal costs, rebuild project exchequer, and timeline. Time is money! Time management and rentability are in immediate accordance with how well time is managed and how well one can produce reports based on the actual data. This then reflects in the bottom line. Having such an easy way of time management lets your company to stop guessing and accurately estimate man hours and costs of every single project, human resources needed, pricing, and effectively invoice it based on similar past projects.

The Time Tracker Software

Project time tracking and costing software applications should include timesheet, time and attendance, and time billing functionality in one easy to use graphic interface. The software designed for business intelligence reporting, providing more than 10 powerful reports and graphs in real time for timesheet management, productivity management, project time tracking, and project management will doubtless cut waste of work time and company’s resources.

The time tracker of CrocoTime provides a time tracking solution that delivers measurable results straight to the bottom line. The features of time tracking, project time costing, and project time management will provide you with real time data to help your team reach its full productivity. Intuitive and user friendly interface enables easy adoption of the time tracker by employees and inclusion of the software into daily work.

Flexibility of the time tracker’s configuration makes it easy to install CrocoTime into your present system without unnecessary hassle and interference with your work process. The features of integration  with  Active Directory, business calendars, IP telephony, turngate, POS terminals already used in companies make the software truly “yours”, providing you with instantly available statistics tailored to your needs.

Using CrocoTime time tracker for tracking projects and employees readily rises a company’s productivity and the bottom line. CrocoTime software will give your company better “control of time” and that is a statement of your power.

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