Effectiveness of a remote worker: how to measure it?

Effectiveness of a remote worker

Effectiveness is correlation of expenses (time or financial) with the result. The fact of gaining of an objective cannot satisfy because it is important to see that the objective is gained in time and surplus funds are not spent on it. Tools which can help to estimate quality of the result and expenses are needed.

What criteria are needed for the analysis of labor effectiveness?

  • Time spent on gaining of an objective
  • Number of gained objectives for some period of time
  • The structure of current objectives: how many are in work, under development, expired
  • Required funds.

There are several ways of the analysis of labor effectiveness.

Do it by yourself

The easiest way of monitoring work of a remote worker is a tabular tool. It is convenient to use a tool which is accessible for a manager and a freelancer at the same time, for example, Google Calendar. It is free to access; there is an option to comment current tasks by leaving feedbacks, notifications of any changes in this calendar are sent to e-mail. However, this method can be called manual and there is no opportunity to analyze data or to work with more than one employee.

Effective management practice

Method of effective management allows providing assessment of labor effectiveness in correlation of gained to planned activities and results. This tool is also free and it requires minimal installations and base knowledge on table handling. It allows leaving comments, visualizes implementation of a plan, gives good analysis tools and is accessible for management. However, it is not convenient for multitask projects, needs to create a separate file for each employee, calculates effectiveness of an employee only within one project.

Ready-to-use program solutions

Time trackers allow monitoring effectiveness of home office workers taking into consideration more criteria.

Such time trackers as, for example, CrocoTime, have special tools for setting an objective, there is an option of recording time spent on different kinds of activities, there is a possibility to follow all steps of business-processes of a company.

Time trackers have special options to control work of a remote worker:

  • A time tracker registers time in a project and communications on a project. This data is needed for correct calculation of salary.
  • Such time trackers as CrocoTime produce reports on work of employees. A report can show activities of a remote worker, a group of workers, the whole department or division of a company. It is created automatically and excludes human factor or a mistake. You can see the dynamics of effectiveness of an employee.
  • A time tracker disciplines a remote worker because it becomes obvious which activities are effective and whose work depends on this effectiveness.

Different types of tools for monitoring of work of employees are convenient for different kinds of projects or companies. Best solution to control work of remote workers is a time tracker.

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