Forewarned is forearmed: human resource management in conditions of a crisis

The program of the bailout of a company usually supposes providing of radical changes and business process optimization in conditions of a severe resource limitation, first of all time and financial resources. That is why, during the implementing of anti-crisis program in the sphere of human resource management, it is necessary to solve two main objectives: retention and involving of employees into implementation of activities of anti-crisis program; reducing of the risks of appearing of conflict situations when dismissing the others.

Successful fulfilling of these tasks requires developing and implementing of actions directed to:

  • Providing of appropriate understanding of current situation and prospective of its development by all the employees of the company
  • Motivation of employees for activities necessary for the company

Inform the employees

From the point of view of human resource management a crisis is dangerous because employees lose their confidence in the future. When correct information on the situation and its perspectives is missing, employees are getting involved into discussing of gossips and various interpretations of the situation which is reflected on their work. Besides, many employees are going to dismiss.

Before business process optimization or other changes planned by the management it is highly important to inform personnel about the situation in the company and what activities are planned in order to overcome the crisis.

That is why one of the most significant stages of anti-crisis program is explanatory work with the personnel. Information for employees should include:

  • Characteristics of the situation in the company;
  • The most likely sequence of events in case if anti-crisis actions won’t be taken and business process optimization won’t be planned;
  • Brief description of anti-crisis actions and business process optimization which are planned by the management;
  • The role of employees in anti-crisis actions and business process optimization.

Ways of informing

Ways of informing of employees depend on the size of a company and the level of personnel. It is effective to use personal contact, meetings or e-mailing.

Personal contact is one of the most effective ways of informing. This way of communication helps to avoid misunderstanding and to motivate employees.

Meetings with employees are effective in case when the number of personnel is more than a thousand of people. These meetings are arranged with representatives of all levels of employees and current state of business is discussed on them.

E-mailing is also one of effective ways of informing. However, most companies prefer using it together with meetings.

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