How CrocoTime works

Time tracking and employee productivity monitoring software CrocoTime uses client-server architecture and consists of CrocoTime Server and CrocoTime Agent applications.

CrocoTime Agent – the application to be installed on employees’ computers to collect statistics of computer activity.

CrocoTime Server – the application which receives employees’ statistics collected by CrocoTime Agent applications and displays it visually and in text form through web-browser.

Monitoring agents of time tracking software CrocoTime collect and send statistics to the server in real time through a company’s network or through Internet.

The software monitors activity of input devices (keyboard, mouse clicks, etc.) and counts time of usage for active application window or browser tab.

If no user activity is detected for 5 minutes and more the software considers it as non-com­puter time.

CrocoTime supports integration with other software by means of API which is used to request the necessary data from CrocoTime Server. Check CrocoTime Web API for details.