Home office: advantages and risks

хоум офис

Why home office?

There are lots of opportunities of home office:

  • To save funds of a company, a manager can find high-qualified employees and doesn’t need to pay rent for an office, doesn’t have to buy office supplies, computers or hire security guards.
  • It is very convenient for employees when you don’t have to go to work every day and don’t need to get to an office. You can just sit at home, work and get your money.
  • It is a good solution for some categories of people who cannot go to work every day for some reasons.
  • A manager can also attract qualified and experienced workers of other companies to work for a company. It can be an extra income for specialists and a good opportunity to work with experienced employees for a company if it is not possible to tempt them away from their work places.

Risks and problems

However, there are a lot of risks connected with remote work and arranging of home office.

  • First of all, there is a risk of losing control over an employee
  • Then, not everyone can have a high level of self-organization to fulfill his duties in time
  • Sometimes working tasks so complicated that they need a detailed planning with a manager. Remote work can make it more difficult
  • Finally, the problem of quality of remote work becomes more actual

Solutions for home office

One of the most popular and effective tools for home office is a time tracker. Such programs like CrocoTime can easily solve your problems connected with home office and reduce the risks in work with remote employees. CrocoTime can:

  • Be installed remotely;
  • Control a remote worker when implementing his duties;
  • Count time spent by an employee on doing one or another task
  • Be integrated with other software used for work
  • Form analytical reports on the work of remote workers
  • Calculate sums of salaries according to the number of hours worked
  • Show the level of effectiveness of a worker

There are many other options of this time tracker which can be offered to a company in CrocoTime personal case.

Time trackers should have an easy interface which will be convenient to use. It is also good when a remote worker can check his working time in a time tracker himself. CrocoTime allows doing it.

Now, when you have such a necessary tool for monitoring your employees, home office is not dangerous for your business-processes. Now you know how much time was spent on working tasks and how much time was spent in social nets or in some other platforms which are not connected with work. A good time tracker, such as CrocoTime, can help you to rise the effectiveness of remote workers, to optimize business-processes and, consequently, to make your company more profitable.

So, a modern company should not be afraid of home office. A time tracker can make this way of work safe and effective.

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