How to control remote employees

How to control remote employees

Home office format of work becomes very popular in modern companies. Such form of work excludes stresses, save money and time for an employee. There is no dress-code and free schedule at home office. There are also big advantages for an employer: this format can save funds of a company and release an employer from difficulties connected with arranging of work places for employees. But to make an employee work effectively, it is necessary to organize the system of monitoring correctly.

Here are some pieces of advice for effective monitoring of remote employees:

Modern technologies allow controlling a remote employee by using of time trackers. Such time trackers, as, for example, CrocoTime, can help an employer to control how many hours are worked by an employee and how much time is spent on other activities. Using a time tracker, it becomes obvious how effective is the work of a remote employee.

  • Stay in touch

Communication is the key. It is necessary to make phone calls or hold videoconferences. Setting of aims and reporting on results is a good way to control your employees. There should be a short meeting on which objectives will be set, and then the second meeting on which a manager will see a report. However, if an employee needs to be trained, it is better to arrange training at the office, because it will be more effective and convenient.

  • Pay for a result but not for time spent on work

Offer your employees objectives results of which can be assessed. It is necessary to inform each employee about the quality required for a task. Employees should realize that it doesn’t matter how much time is spent on work, but it is important how good the results of it are. A payment should follow a report. This approach works because employees start working more effectively and try to spend less time on work tasks. Time tracker reports show that very often remote employees work more effectively than employees at the office. The reason is their salaries which are paid after presenting of results.

  • A manager should discuss an approximate schedule of a remote worker or hours when he is able to contact him

A manager should be sure that he can contact an employee even if he doesn’t work at a project at that time. That is why there should be an understanding on when an employee is available for a manager.

  • Colleagues should also be able to contact an employee

A manager should provide such an opportunity, especially if remote employees have tasks connected between each other.

  • Arrange meetings of remote employees

The more you communicate with remote employees the better mutual understanding between you and them is. Of course, you don’t need to gather them every week. But you should realize that a meeting in real life is a perfect tool for motivation at work.

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