How to find and to choose helpers?

How to find and to choose helpers

Who or what you are looking for

There are following types of helpers:

  • Ones who can help you with easy tasks and give you the opportunity to devote your time to more complicated objectives. Such a helper can be not high-qualified.
  • They need to be qualified to help you. Programmers, designers, context ad specialists and others can be such helpers. You cannot recruit any person to this position as professional skills for that are needed.
  • Special tools. Such helpers are not people but special instruments which serve you to save your time and money. There are lots of special programs for different spheres of business which help to provide business-processes of a company. And there are some of them which are universally applicable: for example, time trackers. Such programs as time trackers are used for monitoring of time worked by employers and can help you to assess effectiveness of them.

If you already have special tools for optimization of your work and still realize that you need a helper, you can start with searching for a person for implementing of routine tasks. A good helper for easy tasks can get a qualification later and become a qualified helper. Unfortunately, it is difficult to engage specialists from outside. That is why it is better to train your helpers.

Requirements to helpers without qualification

Most important characteristics of such helpers are personal. Pay more attention to them. Here are some criteria for these helpers:

  • A helper should fulfil his duties in time and according to instruction. A time tracker can help you to monitor time spent by a helper for implementing of certain tasks.
  • Adequate reactions. A person should react reasonably on critics and correct mistakes.
  • A person should be able to express his thoughts intelligently as such people are more gifted and educable.
  • A person should behave properly and should not provoke conflicts at work.

First, it would be better to give small and easy tasks to a person. It is important to control the way he implements a task. You can use a time tracker for that. Then, if everything is good and a person responds to all requirements, you can give him more complicated tasks and trust him better.

Requirements to specialists

  • To choose a specialist, you should be a professional yourself, because only so you can assess the level of a person. This is the most important criterion of selection of high-qualified employees.
  • Ability of making work in time is the second important requirement. Not to fail a deadline, an employee should be aware of how much time is spent by him on different tasks. A time tracker monitoring can help to calculate this time.
  • The desire to develop yourself is very important for a qualified employee. Developing of an employee means developing of the company where he works.


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