How to organize your work day correctly

How to organize your work day correctly

There are several rules for organizing of work time, following which you can reach the highest level of your work activity. You will get the chance to finish all your work tasks to Friday and will be happy to enjoy your weekends not being afraid of the beginning of a new week.

To develop a correct methodology of your actions, it is important to notice that there are several reasons influencing on the lack of work time. They are: a mass of work, a rush, a fuss while implementing a task, incorrect prioritizing, and, as a result, working at home.

Motivation is also a meaningful factor determining a quality of performed work. Very often realizing of the fact that your work will never be appreciated disinclines you to fulfill your work properly, quickly and doesn’t give you an opportunity to organize your work day correctly.

There are some pieces of advice which will help you to solve these problems. They are quite efficient and following them you will be able to turn your work to a joy.  

  1. In the very beginning of the week make a list of tasks which should be fulfilled to the weekends. Huge and difficult tasks should be put to the foreground because they take more time and you need results of work of other employees to fulfill them. Then put them in the order of urgency and necessity. After the fulfillment of a task cross it out of your list. It will bring you satisfaction and powers to go further. If you have a time tracker, notice how much time is spent on each task in order to know it and be able to arrange your future plans more distinctly.
  2. A week plan should be divided into days of week according to the urgency and importance of tasks. If you know the level of your effectiveness (it can be also determined by a time tracker) you can arrange your day plans in a way you had one big task and several which take less time.
  3. Analyze your previous experience and your time tracker statistics; try to define factors which interfere. Figure out the reasons of these factors and try to avoid them in the future.
  4. Make an order of your day. You should take into consideration everything: your getting up, breakfast, your way to work (if you are a full-time employee), time spent on planned tasks, time spent on communicating with your colleagues, your breaks, unarranged breaks. A time tracker will help you to find out how much time you need to fulfill a certain task and how much time is usually spent on other things like communicating with your colleagues or checking your social net account. You should follow this order.
  5. Set strict time limits for fulfillment of certain tasks and follow them. It will be difficult for the first time; however, you will get used to do that. Time tracking will help you to follow your time limits.

Following these rules you will be able to work more effectively. After each work day you will be satisfied by your results and this will motivate you to rise to eminence in your profession.

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