How to provide certification and personnel assessment in a company

How to provide certification and personnel assessment in a company

Personnel certification

The concept of personnel certification procedure is that it helps to define the level of correspondence of each employee to requirements specified for his job position. All requirements to each of existing positions of a company should be described in labor contracts and employment position instructions. Conditions and orders of certification procedures are settled by the law.

Personnel assessment

The main purpose of personnel assessment procedure is defining of the level of qualification competences, knowledge and professional activities performance indicators. Assessment procedure gives an opportunity to correlate expectations of an employee and an employer, to form a plan of development of an employee as a specialist and to develop new tasks for him.

 It is also important to follow the level of effectiveness of employee performance. Assessment of personnel is impossible without assessment of their productivity. Time tracker reports show detailed information on employee effectiveness.

The procedure of personnel assessment gives the material for analysis of correspondence of an employee to his job position. Thanks to time trackers and other tools used for assessment, there is an opportunity to find weak points of personnel performance and to show up inclinations from indicators set by management.

Importance of assessment and certification

Certification monitoring is obligatory in certain spheres of professional activity. However, most private companies provide certification voluntarily. Besides time tracking, which helps to provide working time monitoring, it is also necessary to monitor the level of personnel qualifications. In case when there is a decision to provide a certification, there should be an official regulatory documentation.

Personnel assessment is not compulsory for all business areas and its providing is optional. In some cases, it is enough to have time tracking in order to estimate personnel performance correctly.  

Certification of personnel is more formalized process rather than personnel assessment. Some companies which don’t need to provide certification according to the law use it as a tool of personnel monitoring in the course of reconstruction or when it is important to define necessity of advanced training.

Developing of assessment system in a company is needed for fulfilling of some other tasks. For example, it is defining of employee performance, monitoring of fulfilling of set objectives. Significant role in assessment is played by time trackers. These tools help to provide a quality and complete analysis of personnel performance by one click.

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