How to recruit employees?

How to recruit employees

To find effective employees and to work with them effectively, you, as an employer, will have to make efforts and to undertake certain preparative work.

Before hiring a person, think and define scope of functions which you would like to delegate to an employee. On the base of these functions define the list of skills and knowledge which are necessary for a candidate. It should be a definite and real list of characteristics, because if you make too big list of skills that a person needs to have, there will be no person like that, and you will never find such an employee. Some employers make this mistake and cannot find an employee for a long time.

You can also make an instruction where you will describe following things:

  • List of duties for an employee;
  • Algorithm of fulfilling of each duty;
  • Frequency of implementing of certain tasks;
  • Payment for implemented tasks;
  • Amount of time needed for fulfilling of certain duties (according to time tracker indexes).

How to arrange about payment?

It is a very important moment. You should come to agreement about payments before the beginning of work. You can base your conditions on monitoring of an employee’s work by a time tracker. An employee can also follow his effectiveness by a time tracker and it will minimize the possibility of disagreement.

If you want to provide bonuses or fines, you should notice in the instruction about them. You should describe how an employee can get a bonus or for what he can be fined. A person should be informed about such things. Some employers also set norms according to time tracker data. If personal results are better than a norm, a person will get a bonus. If the result is worse than a norm, he has to be fined. Very often not only bonuses and fines depend on time tracker reports. The wage can be also calculated according to these results.

How to make instructions properly?

  • An instruction should be of not more than two sheets of paper. Very long instructions are never read.
  • Make schemes and charts in an instruction in order to visualize your requirements.
  • If your employee should make various tasks, it would be better to describe each task separately.

If you have found an appropriate employee you should discuss all the requirements and conditions of work. If there are some questions you should answer them.

The next important task for an employer is to explain algorithms of implementing of certain tasks. First it can take a lot of time for you to train an employee but it will minimize the number of mistakes in the future.

A manager is responsible for everything

Always fulfill your obligations to an employee in time and in full. You should not delay payments even if a client is delayed his payment for a project.  A manager should take all risks concerning payments upon him. It will help you to make an employee trust you and to arrange a powerful team in your company.

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