Human resource management in restaurant business

Human resource management in restaurant business

Success of a restaurant is provided by personnel

The key moment of restaurant business is that everything depends on a client’s mood. If a guest visited a restaurant for the first time and felt himself comfortable and happy, he will come again and will take friends of tell everyone about this place. That is the most effective advertisement for a restaurant.

The first secret of successful human resource management in restaurant business is in recruitment: personnel should be a team and should provide a happy and holiday mood to clients. And it doesn’t matter, what position an employer has: whether he is a waiter, or a hostess, or a cleaner.

The second secret of successful human recourse management in restaurant business is that the role of each employee is unique. Each guest comes to a restaurant to get his own emotions, and each employee should be ready to present these positive emotions to a guest. One wants to enjoy fine cuisine prepared by a chef, and a chef should create a real show for a guest. The other wants to sit at a bar with a cocktail and to find someone to talk to. A bartender should feel such a desire of a guest and be ready for a conversation. Still others want to follow the work of waiters and to feel that they take care of them. An administrator should create a relaxed atmosphere where every member of a team works accurately, consistently and smoothly, because clients feel it at once. There should be a harmony in work of personnel. That will bring a success.

Peculiarities of motivation

 There is always competitiveness in the market of restaurant business. Very often it happens that labor pirating becomes the main tool in human resource management of a restaurant. A qualified motivation of employees is one of most important conditions of human resources management in restaurant business, allowing saving employees. Each level of employees according to their duties should have a good motivation. Motivation can be based on using of a time tracker. This tool is used for monitoring of work of employees. Time trackers record how much time is spent on different work tasks. According to this, a time tracker report which contains information on the levels of employees’ effectiveness is showed. Those members of a team, who got the highest results, can get a bonus. The amounts of wages as well can be calculated according time worked. Those employees who will be interested in time tracker indexes can advance their effectiveness and become more self-organized.

Time trackers show the effectiveness of the whole business-process of a restaurant. Following the results of time tracker reports it will be easy to find employees who lets the whole team down and don’t allow work more effectively. Using of time trackers can raise a team spirit of your personnel, so don’t wait to use it!


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