Human resource management: one of the most significant company business processes

Human resource management is one of the functions of business resource management. The resource here is people. There are also material, financial, intellectual and other resources. All resources are always distributed in business. And heads of department have certain quotas on resources and they are responsible for effective usage of them.

Responsibility for general effectiveness of resource usage is laid on a chief manager of the company.

This means that resource management is assigned to heads of departments and chief managers of companies. Actually, there are lots of companies where there are no any special departments or employees working with human resources, as this function are divided between managers.

When a company is getting bigger, a need in human resource managers appears. This business process gets more complicated. When there is a special person who is responsible for human resources, there are already three centers of administration: company management, heads of departments and a human resource manager.

Methods of human resource management

Any business process, including human resource management, can be structured. This means that there is an opportunity of business process optimization if needed, and this procedure can make it more effective. The structuring is in defining of certain separate stages and their content; in defining of criteria of success and effectiveness evaluation at each stage; in defining of connections between different stages; in defining of the ways of effectiveness analysis at each stage.

Business process optimization

If we consider human resource management as a business process, it is important to know whether it is functioning correctly and if there is a need in business process optimization.

Business process optimization of this sphere can be provided according to the assessment of several stages of human resource management:

  1. A need in human resources
  2. Approaches to the searching for candidates
  3. Recruitment
  4. Adaptation of employees
  5. Work effectiveness assessment
  6. Trainings
  7. Involving into the corporate culture of a company
  8. Career planning
  9. The procedure of dismissal

To sum it up, it would be reasonable to notice that human resource management plays a key role in business. A good manager knows that there is no one but employees who can bring success to a company. As other business processes, human resource management can be improved and developed and business process optimization can provide it.

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