Human resource management optimization in organizations of social services

The problem of personnel work and business process optimization is one of fundamental problems for chiefs of social services. Management skill is a phenomenon characteristic for certain stage of organization development. The quality of work, its effectiveness, timeliness and satisfaction of customers depend on competent management.

Organization of effective work under the conditions of constant changes

There are new tendencies in organization of work of social services caused by constant changes in culture, economy and the system of values in society. That is why it is a difficult question for every chief of social service how to arrange effective work of personnel under the conditions of constantly changing macro-environment.

Building of effective organizational structure

Social services are organizations with complicated hierarchy of business processes and document flows. That is why this type of companies is also subject to business process optimization. However, before you start any improvements, it is necessary to know that social services have some peculiarities in their structures. Among other types of organizational structures, the structure of social services represents an inverted functional system. The peculiarity of this structure is that employees working with customers have maximum authority to solve problems connected with customer service. The head of department/division provides employees with all necessary things to solve problems connected with customer service, i.e. plays the role of a distributor of resources and information gatherer, and focuses employees’ attention on important aspects in work. The main people of the system are customers and their problems which solving is the main objective of the whole structure of a company.

The mechanism of work

Effectiveness of work of such organizations is based on the fact that representatives of social services make decisions on what is necessary to do in order to solve a problem of a customer themselves. They send a request on necessary help to the chief of social service who forms requests, distributes resources and provides necessary support (technical, moral, intellectual) to an employee. Such improvements as business process optimization can help to eliminate the number of excessive procedures; however the structure of social services remains unchanged.

Creating of a team

After the organizational structure has been formed, the following problem of the chief is to form corporate teams or groups which are necessary for solving the problem of personnel work and business process optimization. Groups of employees should have a number of certain objectives and mutual aims, values, approaches to implementation.

Working on standards

This is one of significant aspects in personnel work and business process optimization in social services. If you want to make an effective system, it is highly important to set standards of work. This will help to take under control all business processes of a company and to be able to assess the performance of each employee.

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