Influence on business process optimization

Factors which have an impact on business effectiveness and its flexibility are various. It is important to understand a wide range of such factors most of which are usually under the control of business and with the assistance of information technologies. However, some of these factors can be under the control and monitoring only with correct measurement and interpretation of actions. These factors include:

  • Business ecosystem.

    The network of enterprises including partners, suppliers, clients, governmental institutions or distributors who provide goods and services delivery through competitiveness and cooperation, where everyone is a participant of some kind. Ecosystem includes policy, rules and laws regulating business suppliers and business consumers.

  • The context of business.

    That is the environment, market, legislation and ecosystems of business which functions, develops and varies depending on powers inside the ecosystem of business. The context of business is the state of business inside the business ecosystem. The context where significant events have happened or happening provide conditions which will be used in the assessment of business policy and rules as the base for business process optimization. Business process optimization has an influence on such a coincidence of factors and eight supporting systems (a process, information, events, rules, content, analytics, cooperation and monitoring), so any changes can be provided correctly and adapt to changes of environment and the intended effect of business in a consequent and predictable manner, even in conditions of unpredictable circumstances.

  • Business variants and changes.

    There are a lot of changes happening all the time in a business context which are more predictable. Only several of them are significant for a business and should become evident at the stage of implementation, especially when control points detect certain threshold value of control indexes. This means that these changes became more significant for a business process.

  • The condition of business.

    It is the result of significant changes in business which have an impact on parameters and classifiers of effectiveness of flexibility and productivity of changes. Changing of the condition means that business results may vary. The condition of business is a so-called snapshot of key indexes and information connected with a business context.

  • Results of a business.

    Understanding and defining of intended effects of business provide clarity of activities and projects. This allows each participant to take part and to fulfill objectives to the full extent.

  • Business objectives.

    This is the aims of an enterprise. They describe intended conditions which will be reached by a business. Aims and objectives of business process optimization at each stage of business development should correspond with objectives, aims and the strategy of business.

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