Infomaximum team gets ready to present brand new developments!

The last few months we’ve been working hard designing, developing and turning into reality ideas which are going to change approaches to business process optimization completely. Already now, after a series of pilot launches we’ve got a list of requests for implementation of the product in large companies. But first things first…

Right from today we start telling you about our new products. They simplify lives to bankers, executives, operational managers, HR  managers and economists – to everyone who improves work efficiency of his team.

Business process optimization is always a primary objective of our products. And the first thing we present you is the newest tool of process mining – PROCESET system. PROCESET is able to see and automatically detect all processes which take place in a company. By means of the synthesis of such activities which are carried out by employees and data got from logs of working programs PROCESET constructs the “circulatory system” of the whole company – a business process map. You will see all the details of cooperation between employees, teams, projects and tools used in your business and all this is made taking into account time spent on these tasks. We tried hard and managed to create a product which will let to move to a new level of business performance management.

The second brand new product is the system of automatic employee time planning. It is an intelligent system which is able to make staff schedules, to calculate time worked, to make arrangements with employees and automatically synchronize with the most wide-spread HR and accounting systems for payroll accounting. The system takes into consideration employment legislation, industrial schemes and the number of employees. The system provides the opportunity of remote staff management at any level. Integrations with pass systems give unlimited opportunities, but we will tell you about it in a separate article.

Already now we are implementing new systems in a number of large banks and are actively involved in new industries. If this issue is topical for you, then write us and we will show you one of the first our newest developments and will launch a free pilot.

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