Is it really useful to read business literature?


The market nowadays is full of different guides, books and magazines devoted to business. Such kind of literature offers its reader many biographies of successful businessmen, cases of popular companies, stories of success and methods of using time trackers in order to optimize business processes. How to become a millionaire? How to open a shop? How to use a time tracker to control your employees? How to run your own business without a start-up budget? All these questions seem to be answered on the pages of these books. But does this literature really help people in their business? Or it’s just the way editors and authors raise their money? Let’s try to figure it out.

All the segment of business literature can be divided into two groups:

  • Books which give applicative knowledge and recommendations, for example, from the sphere of negotiations practices, sales, time management, using of time trackers. These life hacks are useful and can be put into your own practice and integrated with your everyday work.
  • Stories of success of popular businessmen. They can be interesting but they hardly can be used in your life. They sooner give the opportunity to see the world of business with the eyes of other businessmen. This can help you to put in perspective your own management solutions.

The basis of any business is some certain author’s concept, the result of individual view of life. It is hardly ever possible to copy someone’s success. You can use someone else’s idea, but you should put it through yourself, develop it, and work on it. That’s why someone else’s experience can be interesting but, unfortunately, not always useful for your business. The best way to enrich your business knowledge is to read classic business literature.

Business literature cannot be guidance as it cannot be totally applicative. But every book makes you think and give some useful pieces of advice such as, for example, using of a time tracker to optimize business process, planning, choosing some certain strategies, steps of reorganization, etc. This is the opportunity to consider your business objectively and to see what you could miss or to what you should pay more attention.

Business literature can help you to find out more details in some new area of business not spending a lot of time. For example, reading an article about a time tracker you can quickly decide whether you need such a tool in your office. It is enough to choose two or three most popular books on the topic and you will have the chance to get acquainted with the subject for only a couple of weeks.

Business literature can also help you to have a deep dive into already familiar sphere of business knowledge. For example, if you use a time tracker, you can choose more detailed and focused literature on time tracking in order to get through all necessary details for you.

So, to sum it up, we should say that business literature cannot be an absolute guideline to follow. But there is a lot of useful information in it. We wish you good luck in your business and hope that someday we will find a book with the story of your success on a book shelf!

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