IT outsourcing as a tool to overcome a crisis

The impact of the crisis on companies

The market of IT services becomes wider and companies now are more conscious about the quality of services. Big companies usually require optimization of business processes in the system of IT outsourcing. Some businesses used to have a complex model of IT outsourcing, when outsourcing was used together with insourcing and outstaffing. However, now it is the tendency to transfer all IT processes to outsourcing.

When a company is planning to provide optimization of business processes in order to reduce expenses or to scale back the number of personnel, transferring to outsourcing model helps with it. It means for a company the opportunity to transfer expenses on personnel into charges for an outsourcing contract, having got a measurable level of service, which corresponds to all modern methods.

What to transfer to outsourcing?

Complex technical support of users including working places, equipment and user account administration is usually outsourced. Choosing of other areas for IT outsourcing is depends on a company, the stage of business process optimization and information security policy.

So, companies of financial and retail spheres are focused on improving and optimizing business processes concerning the support of existing points of presence and opening of new ones. Geographically dispersed companies are interested in optimization of business processes by means of outsourcing of such areas as establishing, developing and supporting of a constant connection between branches and the head office of a company.

Cloud services also become more popular. For example, companies use cloud services in such areas of business as transportation management systems, systems of network structure monitoring, cloud-based contact-center cervices, etc.

The number of orders on short-term projects is also growing. For example, some companies need to improve business processes and it requires implementation of many routine tasks. Using of outsourcing in short-term projects is usually connected with the lack of IT employees. However, short-term outsourcing projects are more expensive. That’s why the longer a project is, the more profitable outsourcing is.

Crisis is the time when budgets are reducing, and financial as well as time expenses are optimized. That’s why many stereotypes concerning IT outsourcing are disappearing. For example, may be it is less profitable to outsource certain areas of business. However, outsourcing can provide you with flexibility, efficiency and expert evaluation of your business which can have a positive effect on your business in general. 

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