Labor management: new understanding of the notion

In order to improve and optimize business processes and get them going properly, specialists use a lot of time proved, popular and modern technologies. All of them are directed to labor management in the form of strategies, methods and principles. Besides, the level of understanding of the importance of labor management and the readiness to improve existing system define the competitiveness and productiveness of the company.

Scientific approach to labor management

Labor management is the part of business performance management, not depending on whether it is directed to producing of goods or providing of services. Labor management includes workplace management and its maintenance, labor regulations and providing of labor conditions. Labor management is a flexible structure where everything depends on continually changing conditions. In this case, methods of business process optimization can help to survive in changing conditions.

One of basic objectives of labor management is the optimal connection of the factors of production. If labor management works effectively, then the workforce is used with the largest economic benefit. There are such factors of production as working schedule, working hours of equipment, work of other specialists who have a relation to this working place. This means that work effectiveness depends on the level of labor management significantly.

Optimization of business processes and reducing of the amount of time spent on certain working procedures are the most important aspects of labor management which are directly connected with increasing of economic effectiveness. This is profitable for companies also because of cost savings. And employees also get benefits from optimized business processes and effective work performance: companies can be more profitable and this has a positive impact on the level of salaries. Correct labor management supposes the development of optimal business processes, techniques, methods and algorithms of work.

Loadbearing structure

In other words, labor management (optimized business processes, necessary modern equipment, high level of convenience, and correspondence to the standards of conditions of work) is the “loadbearing structure” of any company, which is the basis of all the procedures and business processes of the company. If a company is planning to get maximum profits, higher management should pay more attention to labor management even at the stage of choosing of the office for the company.

Work standardizing concept

Work standardizing is technologically economical activity which supposes defining of the norms of expenses and the norms of work results. It’s not just the description of the process, but it’s technological, functional knowing of production procedures which leads to understanding of what time limits, the number of personnel and the schedule are needed to perform the work.

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