Motivation by personal example

Excited man giving high five to a little boy after completing the work in workshop

There is the best method of motivation of people which works always: it is a personal example of the other, more successful person. It can be also a tool not only for someone else, but for self-motivation.

If a person chooses someone to copy, it means that he is on his way of improvement. If others copy you, consequently, you look like a leader who reached certain success.

Nothing can motivate people as desire to become better than youк example to follow.

Of course, this method contains elements of manipulating, as you can be motivated by your close people who will compare you with more successful people. But you should remember that motivation by a personal example will make you better. So you shouldn’t be offended by such comparisons, you should spend your energy only on improvement of yourself.

Motivation by personal example in business

Method of motivation by personal example works perfectly well in human recourse management. It can be used in different situations:

  • This is the best way for a freshman to find his own example to follow and to become more skilled and experienced. When you just start working in a company, try to find someone among your colleagues who has best results at work, his time tracker indexes of effectiveness are the highest and who is respected by management. It will give you the opportunity to improve your skills and become more professional.
  • Motivation by personal example is a good choice for experienced and successful managers to make a team. His own example of success, his own approaches at work can make people become more effective and hard-working. It is important to train employees and to teach them how to advance in their sphere of business. And you will get a good team, you will see in a time tracker report that your business-process is optimized thanks to your effective personnel.
  • Motivation by personal example can be used not only concerning one certain employee. You can motivate the whole divisions or departments. Competitiveness of departments or divisions of a company is a perfect tool to raise effectiveness of a company. Sometimes a company needs a competition between divisions. It can be based on time tracking, for example, as this is the best way to follow effectiveness of a division. A division which wins a competition can be rewarded by a corporate prize of personal bonuses.

A time tracker as a tool of monitoring of time spent by employees on certain work tasks can also be a good helper in motivation. It is important to inform your personnel how effective they work and it is necessary to discuss time tracker reports. These indexes can motivate a person if he is not effective in comparison with his colleagues.

To sum it up, it is important to say that motivation by personal example is a powerful tool for improvement of a person in his everyday life as well as at work.


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