Nine productive techniques for effective time management

Nine productive techniques for effective time management

People who reach success are more often those who can manage their time effectively and rationally. We often waste our time on useless projects and objectives if we do not manage and schedule it.

There are some useful pieces of advice which will help you to arrange your time and implement your tasks more effectively:

  1. Write down your objectives

It is better to have a notebook where you can write down all your tasks. This approach will provide clarity to your work and will help you to arrange your time properly. If you time tracker shows how much time is spent on implementing of a certain task, it will be even easier to make a plan of your workday.

  1. Prioritize your objectives

Set a priority to each of your objectives. We often spend a lot of time on unessential activities and miss important ones. Try to work on most important objectives first. Even if you don’t have an opportunity to finish all your tasks, you will implement tasks which are more important and urgent.

  1. Set a deadline for each task

These time limits will help you to become more effective. Time tracker reports of companies show that tasks with deadlines take less time on implementing by an employee than those which don’t have any time limits. Then, time frames give motivation to an employee to implement everything in time.

  1. Make groups of tasks

To raise your effectiveness, it is recommended to make groups of similar objectives and fulfill them one by one. This will also save your time.

  1. Start your day from more difficult and complicated objectives.

Maybe this sounds weird but this works. Start your workday from implementing of more difficult tasks. Very often most difficult tasks are left for the end of a day. However, according to time tracker statistics, employees work more effectively at the beginning of a day, as they have more emotional powers and energy.

  1. Implement certain tasks listening to music

Music gives a particular speed to work. Then, if you like the music, this can enhance your mood. It is important to notice that music often helps when you do monotonous work. However, if you need a maximal concentration, it is better to work in silence. 

  1. Plan breaks in your workday

You need to have breaks. To keep working efficiency, your body and mind need a rest. Make a pause on a time tracker, sit back and relax. Nobody can work without breaks. However, you should plan your breaks in order not to lower your effectiveness.

  1. Keep your emotional tone

If you feel depressed you will never perform your work effectively. That is why it is very important to have a positive mood. Atmosphere in your office, team spirit and other factors can influence on you.

  1. Learn to say “NO”

You should know your possibilities. You cannot fulfill everything that you are asked to do especially if it is not congruent with your aims. You always have the opportunity to say “NO”. Excess workload, which can be detected by a time tracker, can lower your effectiveness which can reflect on more important tasks.

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