Organization of project activities

First, we will explain what we mean by project activities and what the differences are between them and the system of making and implementing of offers.

By project we mean implementing of certain work which needs preparation, analysis, developing of options and using of resources of the company. This work is limited in time, has strictly defined results and, what is the most important, it needs the creation of cross-functional group. This is a fundamental difference of project activities from current activities of managers. However, cross-functional cooperation plays a significant role in any company.

The ability to make immediate decisions and to solve problems directly depends on the ability to cooperate horizontally. Within the frames of a project we fulfill certain tasks (solve a problem, optimize a business process or improve it) which are impossible to be fulfilled without a project. Any project should have well formulated objectives, and should offer a definite final result.

Talking about the system of making and implementing of offers, we understand that offers are made by employees of lower levels of management. According to that, the scales of these offers correlate with the level of employees. An employee can cover only his scope of work, he doesn’t see the whole system of the company, cannot see the necessity of business process optimization, for example. That is why the offers of employees have a local, not systematic character. And the system of making and implementing of offers is often called the system of workplace improvement. A project and the system of project activities cover more serious and broad-scale aspects. Project implementation is provided by a wide range of employees of various levels. So, business processes are observed better in this case. This means that project activities are more global.

The main objective of project activities organization is implementation of a targeted organizational strategy of a company. One of the most useful and huge projects concerning the development of a company is a business process optimization. This is a complicated process involving different levels of personnel and management. All the activities of a company should be directed to implementing of the strategy, eliminating of loses and creating of values for a customer.

Project activities help to involve everyone or almost everyone into the realization of the strategy. Strategy of a company is set not only for higher management, but for every employee of a company.

You can fulfill a wide range of objectives with the help of project activities. Business process optimization is one of effective projects directed to improvement and development of a company.

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