Peculiarities of work of health care workers: working time

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Labor of health care workers is always connected with high physical and emotional exertion, ability of working in conditions hard and dangerous for life and health. This determines some law peculiarities of legal regulation of working time for health care workers: additional requirements for labor contract, preferential conditions of working time and time for leisure, special rules of secondary employment, etc.

Duration of working time

There is a special legal regulation of health care workers labor which includes setting of reduced duration of working time. These actions are directed to compensate negative effect of different factors, high psycho-physical loadings due to the character of medical and other activities. Time trackers used in health care institutions should be programmed in a way taking into account special character of work in health care service. Time tracker should trace reduced number of working hours for health care workers which are 39 hours a week. Besides that an extra paid leave should be included in a staff schedule of a time tracker.

Summarized recording of working time

Summarized recording of working time can be set in organizations where there is no opportunity to follow standard number of working hours per day or per week set for such category of employees. The order of setting of summarized recording of working time is settled by the rules of interior corporate labor policy and is fixed in a time tracker settings.

Organization of shift labor

If a health care organization has an in-patient facility health care workers work by shifts. The main objective of correct organization of shift labor is making of correct shift schedules which are the part of working plans of a clinic and its structural divisions. A time tracker can help to arrange shift labor as it has the function of making shift schedules taking into account weekends and public holidays.

Shift duration (duration of work during a day) in different days of week can change but the sum of duration of all shifts of a month should correlate with a month balance of working time. Duration of one shift should not exceed twelve hours. Each time tracker can control an excess and show it in a time tracker report. Duration of a break between shifts should not exceed double duration of a working shift. The number of days off per month of each employee should correlate with the number of days off provided by the calendar. Shift schedules usually include information about types of work which have been provided by a doctor.

An employee is informed about a shift schedule at least a month before it is put in force.

Breaks for leisure and meals

Breaks for leisure and meals should be given to a health care worker which is not less than 30 minutes and not more than 2 hours. If it is impossible to make such breaks, an employer should provide conditions for leisure and meals at working time. Places for leisure and meals for health care workers are set by the rules of interior labor order.

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