Personnel management in a commercial bank. Look at your team!

команда банка

When we talk about a good bank we usually mean a bank which has high-qualified personnel. And it’s not without a reason. Clients come to a modern bank not only to get a financial service but to use a piece of advice of a bank how to arrange a business. That is why a powerful team able to keep its high professional authority should be formed in a bank.

Combine of powerful intellectual activities with professional production work requires specific personnel approach to each category of employees to arrange their working process, education, motivation, work assessment. Then it requires forming of organizational culture in each division of a bank. Seeing of such a variety of human activities in one company, understanding of personal touch of approaches to each category of staff members of a bank and the ability to use them is very important as well as highly difficult in personnel management of a bank.

Types of bank personnel

  • The first bank group is qualified staff members of middle age and older. The most productive age of this group is 45-55 years with 10-25 years of experience. Usually they are heads of departments, divisions and leading experts. They know all the peculiarities of work in a bank. First group hardly ever can accept any changes in a bank. They are very responsible and hard-working. They usually have high scores in a time tracker reports on personnel work. However they seldom follow the statistics from a time tracker. The most common problem of this group is that they are difficult to renew their experience. That may cause some difficulties at work.
  • The second group of bank workers is people of active age of 35-50 years who came to work in a bank from different professional and social spheres of activities. This group can struggle with the problem of professional and personal self-esteem at new working place. They are searching for some new professional contacts. Looking at the dynamics of effectiveness of this group in a time tracker report it will be obvious that they make a good progress. Sometimes there’s a conflict of this group with the first group of bank workers.
  • The third group of bank workers is young people aged 20-30 who have different positions in a bank. Employees of such group feel comfortable in new economic conditions and it seems that this group is the most trouble-free. However, it’s not that right. The problem of this group is that young bank workers don’t have a formed and consistent professional society. They work in an absolute lack of professional continuity. A time tracker report will show that such group of employees needs to get more experience to show a constant growth of effectiveness.

A bank should have hierarchism in personnel. That can provide a consistency and reduce an employee turnover. That is why a manager should arrange special activities to mend differences between employees. The best way to show personnel that they are a team is to inform them about the level of their effectiveness. A time tracker can be used for these means.  The task of a manager is to motivate and to unify such different people to do one common goal.

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