Project organization personnel: types and motivation

Project organization personnel types and motivation

Human recourse management is a key aspect for each business company. But when we talk about project companies, the role of human recourses is increasing substantially. Common reasons of failure of projects are not in technologies, tools or methods. It is always people.

There are several types of project organizations or project divisions included into huge companies:

  • Functional, classical hierarchical structure
  • Project structure
  • Weak matrix
  • Balanced matrix
  • Powerful matrix

It is important to pay attention to activities in processes connected to personnel:

  • Forming of the structure of a project group
  • Personnel assignment
  • Development of a group
  • Monitoring by a time tracker
  • Management of requirements and results

You need to start forming of a project group before the start of implementing of a project. Basic forms of recruitment are:

  • Full-time
  • Home office
  • Outsourcing
  • Outstaffing
  • Freelance

Full-time work is a regular form of recruitment, when an employee is present at the office. A time tracker is installed in his office computer and the whole volume of work is implemented at the office.

Home office is a form of recruitment when an employee implements work tasks remotely at home. It doesn’t mean that he has more free time when a full-time worker. He implements the same volume of work but his office is arranged at home. Time trackers are also installed on home computers of remote employees.

Outsourcing is transferring of non-major functions to other company on the base of a contract. Companies which take these functions are specialists in certain spheres and have appropriate experience, knowledge and technical tools. They provide time tracking of their personnel by themselves.

Outstaffing is involving of personnel and employees from single purpose companies for implementing of a certain project or its part. Very often this personnel work at the territory of a customer company as regular full-time employees. Time trackers record data on time spent on implementing of a project by such employees.

Freelance is a form of recruiting when an employee works out of the office and without any long-term cooperation with a certain company. He can cooperate with several companies at the same time. Some companies provide time tracking of a freelancer’s work, but usually companies are interested in its result more than in time spent on implementing of an order. They just set deadlines for a freelancer.

Motivation of personnel starts from recruiting. It is important to see that a candidate is interested in this work. Project approach to work gives the opportunity to estimate personal contribution of each member of a project group to project results and use correct and reasonable system of bonuses.

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