Six effective methods of human resources management

управление людьми

Theory and practice of human resources management in successful and leading companies allows talking about the most important methods of management.

Wage rising

Usually high level of salaries attracts more candidates that allow a company to be more selective and to have an opportunity to prefer those candidates who are more likely to study. Moreover, if the wage is higher than the market tells employees are able to account additional income as a present of a company. Bonuses for leading positions in a time tracker rating can also motivate a person to reach better results at work.

There’s an opinion that the necessary condition of reaching competitive success is low expenditure on man power. However in practice it is not true as for most companies expenditures on man power is a slight share among other expenditures. And even if they are high it is usually compensated by the rising of level of total capacity.

 Entitlement of property

Usually managers are to overestimate motivating role of money trying to solve most organizational problems with them. But entitlement of property to employees has two advantages:

  1. Employees who become a co-owner of a company neutralize the classic conflict between labor and fund in a degree in which they present interests of labor and fund. Employees now are interested in higher efficiency of staff members and pay more attention to time tracker
  2. The procedure of empowering of employees a property gives company stock to employees of a company who are worried about the future of a company about its strategy, investments policy and they are hardly able to support different financial moving.

If employees were encouraged to reach higher results of work of a company they have the right to get a profit from it. Social acknowledgement, guaranties of long-term employment and correct conflict resolutions are able to motivate employees sometimes better than money.

Information sharing

Usually management of most companies very seldom shares information with employees. The reason of it is being afraid that information can be spread to peers. But if you agree that people should become the source of competitive opportunities, they should get information needed for their work. They should know what aspects of their work should be improved and which indexes of time tracker analytical reports should be raised. That means that sharing of information can be an effective tool for human recourses management.

Career progression of staff members in a company

This method can be a good addition to other methods of management. Opportunities of career progression can be the key moment for an employee. Those who show good results and help to raise effectiveness of a company which can be obvious according to time tracker statistics, have the chance to be upgraded. It gives rise to the atmosphere of succession and trust in a company. Besides, those who started their careers from the lowest positions know mechanisms of business process from inside which can help to be more effective at work.

Assessment of results

This method is always good for employees to check their own progress and for managers to motivate staff members. Time tracker analytics will show the dynamics of business-process and personal goals of employees.

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