Synergetic management


What is synergy and why do we need that?

Constant technological innovations, especially in the sphere of computer technologies made business changeable and non-predictive. When struggle with the new reality managers and leaders find out that their theories of planning and business models become non-effective. Traditional hierarchic models and models of “clock” which allow predicting and controlling need to be changed to more organic models and non-lineal way of thinking.

Synergy (theory of complicated systems) is a scientific branch which studies the laws of self-organization of systems of different nature. A new approach to company management is oriented on finding, start and support of self-organizing tendencies.

Synergetic management

New management paradigm is based on several concepts:

  • Organization is a complicated system which is like living organisms
  • Organization is a complicated system that is why it is hardly ever possible to predict results of its changes
  • Its better when the initiative of changes comes from the inside of organization
  • Changes should be provided not with planning but with the process of self-organization of the system

Nowadays high-qualified managers try not to break any classical concepts of management but to combine old and new approaches to working systems. Using of a time tracker can help a manager to develop the concept of self-organization in a company. The main objective of managers is to see new alternatives, to widen the scope. The most important task of employees in new conditions is to be ready to changes leading to a higher level of self-organization. A manager should provide employees with necessary tools for self-control such as time trackers or others.

Interior mechanism of a company cannot be created, improved or adopted at once but it should be grown as a living system. Living systems cannot be formed or constructed. They should be grown.

There are some conditions which play a decisive role for effectiveness of a company.

  • Paradigm (culture of a company) is a number of notions, values, methods which are used in a company. Paradigm is the result of everyday work and cooperation between employees in a company. If people have common objectives and aims it’s not hard to build a good team. A time tracker can show the common progress of a company or its weak points.
  • People in a company. It is important to know that people are the agents of a difficult system. They cooperate with each other, influence, and they are a system in general. That is why one of key moments of management is to see an individual in every employee, to follow his progress in time tracker monitoring and to pay a lot of attention to his potential.
  • We are connected with each other. The main concept of the theory of synergy is that every unit of the system is connected with each other. Inner and outer connections help to react to changeable environment and to develop itself. When people do not realize that they are a team they will never show you a good result.

Synergetic management is one of modern strategies of management. Its concepts is a good opportunity to develop your business and to form a good working team which will be effective and will bring you profit. If you follow this strategy your time tracker report won’t disappoint you.

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