The automated time tracker says “No!” to excessive social network usage

The automated time tracker says “No!”

What to do if your company loses productivity because of its employees’ Internet addiction? Call them on the carpet, or block Internet access? The automated time tracker of CrocoTime will help you not to waste time on useless actions, offering an effective mechanism to combat addiction.

A research of time spent on social networks carried out by Kelly Services in Russia shows that about a half of white-collar employees spend from 15 to 60 minutes of working time a day to chat with friends and read news. Total losses of companies and Russian economy are hard to imagine.

Old ways of combating Internet addiction of employees are quite pointless. If you block access to social networks, which at first glance seems geniusly simple solution, the problem will still be relevant and will only become guerrilla in nature. To access “forbidden fruit”, various anonymizers, personal devices, and other tools can be used. Moreover, for some positions social networks are actually used as productive tools.

More and more distractive entertainment websites appear each day. Block Internet access completely? Employees will start using tablets and mobile phones. In addition, Internet today is a tool for innovative solutions to current business needs. Unfortunately, two-thirds of the companies generally do not teach employees to use the Internet to deal with the problems of their clients effectively. For example, customer support through social networks is not just a fad, but the real point of contact with customers with an easily calculated savings on phone calls.

There are modern companies that already address the issue of social networks overuse not by blocking Internet access, but by installing a time tracker. The automated time tracker of CrocoTime logs all distractions from work; the software provides detailed statistics to make conclusions not only for individual employees’ workload, but for a business in general. An employer receives an objective data both for disciplinary sanctions and encouragement.

The automated time tracker CrocoTime helps employees to treat working time more carefully; it helps an employer to save resources by not paying for “work” in social networks.

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