The time tracker CrocoTime will show who is busy with someone else's work

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The indicator of non-profile time changes a lot in the perception of time tracking.
“Non-profile time can be explained as the time that the employee spends on execution of someone else’s work” says founder of CrocoTime time tracker Alexander Bochkin.

The time tracker CrocoTime collects statistics on productive and unproductive use of time, and also notes the time staff spends on non-profile activities. The data is collected based on what resources are used by the employees during their work. The software analyzes working time using permissions set in accordance with groups of employees’ positions. For example, the time tracker will consider the activity of the marketer who composes a corporate newspaper as non-profile (this is the work of a designer). At its core, this work is useful to an organization, but is not included in the responsibilities of this particular employee. Typically, the time used by the employee in such a way is less profitable than his professional profile activities. “Today managers and owners of companies strive not just to see who is busy and with what, they want to improve the efficiency of employees and the organization as a whole,” adds founder of CrocoTime.

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