The Time Tracker Of Crocotime: New Features You Have Not Heard Of Yet

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The CrocoTime time tracker has been improving and developing for more than five years and, along with features typical for other time trackers, it offers unique possibilities you probably have not heard of.

Best parts of automatic and manual time tracking are taken and fused together. The CrocoTime time tracker provides both automatic collection of computer usage statistics (including statistics received from integrated business calenders, telephony systems, turngates, etc) and manual time tracking when an employee uses start/stop button to track his activity. Time tracks are then presented visually as bars that can be easily commented on, revised, and compared with the bars created automatically. It allows seeing what software and sites were used for the task.

Time tracks can be tied to specific projects and/or customers. The time tracker also supports tagging the tracks and activities in accordance with principles of lean manufacturing. It allows you to see which clients and projects require how much time to understand if it is profitable, and to plan future projects’ budgets on basis of your company’s past performance. Reports can be generated both for internal usage and for billing it to a customer.

Another useful feature of the time tracker is calendar support. The calendar allows to easily change schedules for employees and departments, set days off, personal leave and sick leave, vacations, change work hours, and holidays, or reset it. Using and changing schedules was never so easy.

Applications and websites are grouped in either “Productive” category or “Distractions”, depending on an employee’s position and your custom settings. The most common applications, websites, and positions are already grouped, saving your time during an initial period of implementing the time tracker in your company.

Your company’s structure is imported by the time tracker from your Active Directory in a few clicks. Of course, you can choose which organizational units to import and which employees to monitor.

The CrocoTime time tracker monitoring agents support centralized installation via GPO. There is no need to walk from one computer to another and configure everything by hand.

CrocoTime was created to work with many employees and departments and it is capable of handling up to 10000 employees, which is useful for enterprises. Monitoring agents of the time tracker require a little amount of computer resources and do not slow it down.

Try the time tracker of CrocoTime for free to see that it is just what you need to make your employees more focused and productive, your customers more satisfied and assured, and you company more efficient and profitable.

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