Time tracker and employee monitoring software CrocoTime: a manager may relax during vacation

Time tracking and employee monitoring of CrocoTime.

Summer is the time for vacations. But it is this time when there is a risk of employees relaxing at work and the situation spiraling out of control. Is it possible to monitor your employees’ work on the go? Can mobile tools to monitor employees be used?

How do you know whether employees will leave work early and take time off from their jobs while the manager is on vacation? Here comes to the aid the automated time tracker and employee monitoring software CrocoTime which will become an indispensable assistant. CrocoTime is simple and convenient to use. It is easy to see how employees spend their work time: whether they perform their duties or spend time on entertainment and personal needs. The time tracker and employee monitoring software CrocoTime is simply arranged: it divides applications and website that are used by employees to productive and unproductive categories, according to specific employee’s position and responsibilities. A limit on the use of unproductive resources is set and if it is exceeded the time tracker and employee monitoring software automatically notifies a manager via email. Equally important is the capability of the software to work with modern devices: smartphones, netbooks, tablets. With CrocoTime you never lose control of the situation. With CrocoTime, 5-10 minutes is all you need to check if everything is okay in the office. Phone and Skype negotiations are no longer needed. To identify a problematic department to instruct supervisors, it is enough to analyze a report on productivity provided by the time tracker and employee monitoring software CrocoTime. The software begins to work as soon as an employee’s computer is turned on. For the manager it means the possibility to track when an employee began his working day and when he left the workplace. The time tracker allows to set individual rules, permissions, and schedules for various departments and employees, depending on their work. The manager will receive e-mail alerts about the wasteful use of time and other violations of labor regulations (lateness, early leave, absenteeism, etc.) and decide if there is a need to open the software and analyze detailed reports. The time tracker CrocoTime cannot be cheated: employees cannot “agree” with it, or disable it. It will record all unproductive activities: games, social networks, etc. To become familiar with the software, the 14-days unlimited user free trial is available. It is recommended to install the time tracker on a large number of employees’ computers to see how the time is spent in your company, what productive and unproductive applications and websites are used and for how long, which departments and employees are productive and which are not, then you will be able to estimate losses throughout the organization. The time tracker and employee monitoring software CrocoTime is extremely beneficial for medium and large organizations. Outstanding performance and easy installation does not impede the work of employees and does not slow down their computers. Please see stories of successful experiences of our customers introducing time tracker and employee monitoring software CrocoTime in the Feedback section.

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