Time tracker determines causes of low efficiency

Employee productivity monitoring with CrocoTime

Sometimes promising employees do not live up to the hopes vested in them. An employee shows low efficiency and a time tracker only confirms it. To find a way out of the situation, a manager needs to understand the reasons for the lack of results.

To cope with daily tasks an employee should possess all the necessary capabilities, competencies and skills, as well as to be motivated. The causes of inefficiency are associated with two components: capabilities and motivation. Bernard Marr, the founder and CEO of Advanced Performance Institute, the specialist in improvement of business efficiency, identified 7 key reasons for low efficiency of employees:

  1. Lack of resources Sometimes an employee lacks the time, money, people, tools, or other material resources for successful completion of a task. It is easiest to cope with such a problem if it is understood. However, in analyzing the situation it still useful to rely on objective data: Time tracker of CrocoTime will show whether the employee’s time is spent efficiently, how exactly it is spent, and how you can improve the situation. Employees need to be instructed to report to their supervisor when there are problems as soon as possible, in order to reduce the negative effects and possibility to acquire the necessary resources.
  2. Obstacles are “ranked too high” Interaction with senior officials of other departments and offices can be too difficult for an ordinary employee to cope with the task. In such a case assistance of the manager is needed: to find a way out of the problem which hinders the efficient operation. The time tracker makes it possible not only to monitor employees but also to respond to an emerging difficulty.
  3. Lack of skills and competencies A common cause of poor performance is the lack of the necessary skills, knowledge, and qualifications. New post, new functions and responsibilities may require a specialist to learn new competencies. If they are missing, then it is a serious impediment to work and efficiency. The time tracker does often show that one employee does the work of another. The time tracker of CrocoTime reflects this as “non-profile time”.
  4. Unclear tasks and expectations Another cause of low efficiency is the lack of clear expectations and performance indicators associated with a task or a project. In such a case an employee may not understand what is required and expected as result. If so, you need to discuss the project, explain unclear moments and set the expected outcome of the task. Be sure that the situation is all clear in order to avoid any misunderstanding in the future. This will make your employees more efficient right from the start of performing the task.
  5. Lack of recognition If employees work well continuously their efforts need to be praised and recognized, otherwise their motivation would decline, as would pace and diligence in work. Unrecognized success has an extremely negative impact on some employees’ satisfaction with their work. If after successfully completed but not recognized project, employees will reduce their efforts, the automated time tracker software will record it in its reports. Employees can become more productive when successful and hard work is fairly paid and recognized.
  6. Impunity This problem is the opposite. When the work is done badly and deadlines are not met but no one is punished, employees may think they can get away with anything. To prevent this, the situation should be critically assessed and disciplinary measures for low-quality work need to be appointed. Employees need to be notify of such measures before they are applied. The time tracker records need to be clearly understood and transparent for employees.
  7. Professional burnout A burned-out employee needs a new stimulus. When the employee is exhausted it does not mean that he is no longer able to work productively. Rather, it means that the abilities of the skilled employee are not fully used at the moment. Low productivity can be a passive attempt to sabotage any management decision, that too is worth keeping in mind.

The solution to the problem of low productivity will depend directly on its specific causes. The automated time tracker will help to identify these various causes and act accordingly in the most efficient way.

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