СRM systems: rules and peculiarities of implementation

Basic features of CRM systems are keeping of contact information of partners and the history of simple actions with them. However, during the process of company growth, there is a need in implementation of CRM system which could fulfill the following objectives:...

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Optimization of management: 4 commonly used techniques

Business process optimization in management is directed to defining and choosing of the most appropriate solutions. This process includes the following objectives: A ready operating system is being optimized. During this process the enterprise appeared as a result of all the stages...

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Corporate systems: it’s time to use them!

Automation: are you ready? Actually, everything is not that bad in the office: we create documents in Word or Excel, we send them by e-mail. But then we print them out. Why do we still need it? The reason is our psychology....

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Warehouse in enterprises: the process of order picking

Business process optimization directed to improvement of the process of order picking includes the following stages: Creating of a model of the process of order picking and dividing it into procedures. Providing of measurements of time spent on each procedure. Finding of...

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Optimization of internal reporting

How to optimize business processes of document workflow The basic principle of a business process optimization is doing no harm. There is a way to reduce reporting. It can be implemented by 4 steps. Make sure that your employees know that it...

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Financial enterprise resources

What are enterprise resources? Resources of an enterprise are facilities and finances providing business activities. They are used and finally consumed by the subject in order to fulfill stated objectives. From the position of the subject of business activities oriented on the...

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The process approach in sales departments

Sales: actual picture In order to increase the level of competitiveness companies should pay more attention to improvement of their activities. One of the most important directions of company development is sales. Most companies use advanced technologies in management and automation, optimizing...

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Employee dismissal: mission possible

How is the procedure of dismissal provided? Usually a chief spends quite a lot of time on efforts to improve the situation in which an employee no longer corresponds to certain changes in the company or a division. Sometimes the reason of...

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