Using CrocoTime time tracker to optimize your staff in time of crisis

Optimize your staff with CrocoTime

Issues of the crisis force many businesses and organizations to optimize their staff, which often means a reduction. To avoid mistakes and make the solution of the issue less complicated and painful, the time tracker CrocoTime was created.

The crisis of 2008-2009 biennium is not yet forgotten, it was then that the theme of staff reduction was one of the most acute. In the light of recent developments, we expect such actions on the part of managers today. In the last end of the year 2014 the demand for CrocoTime time tracker began to grow rapidly: companies tuned for cost reduction and optimization. All this had to be done as objectively and as quickly as possible. CrocoTime allows you to optimize the staff as much as possible transparent and take informed decisions about changes to it. In addition, most organizations recorded a growth of productivity of staff after the installation of the time tracker. This point is particularly relevant if your organization employs workers who are legally protected from reduction. By increasing the effectiveness of some and evaluating the workload of the other, staffing changes can be made more carefully and objectively. Within several minutes after installation of CrocoTime time tracker in stealth mode, the statistics collected by agents will come to the server: who and when started and finished the job, when and for how long the breaks occurred, whether there had been any delays or even truancy. The software allows you to see not only whether employees were present at the workplace or not, but also how they spent their time. The time tracker CrocoTime parses stats of applications and websites used by an employee during the workday, it records the percentage of productive and unproductive time. In a light of this information a manager will be able to assess the extent to which a specific employee is helpful for a company. The features of CrocoTime time tracker allow to see any employee’s and/or department’s data can be shown for any period (whether it be a specific day or a year). The effectiveness of both an individual employee, a department, a branch, or the whole organization can be evaluated. Naturally, employees may work less productive due to illness or overload but more often than not, such causes are temporary and cannot last a long time. A long-term decrease of productivity, however, should draw attention of the manager. In such a case, it would be justified to part ways with such an employee. the company will not incur any significant harm from such a “loss”. Later, when employees will be informed of the installation of the time tracker, it will work to discipline and motivate them. Implementation of the time tracker cannot hurt loyalty of those employees who are busy with productive work. Difficulties most often arise from low awareness when an employee has difficulties in understanding the goals and principle of operation of such monitoring software. Summing up, it should be noted that the time tracker CrocoTime is an effective tool in times of crisis. With it, staff optimization will be more objective in nature, and the remaining staff will be motivated to work more productively.

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