Using the time tracker to understand when effective employees turn into ineffective

Employee monitoring software increases productivity

When an time tracker shows reduced effectiveness of employees, the natural reaction is to find out what the problem is and fix the cause of low efficiency. The situation becomes evident when reduced activity of the employee begins to be systematic.

Why effective employees turn into ineffective

  1. Each employee in a company has a period of “adaptation”. This is the time (according to the research, it is about 90 days) when an employee only just received the job: the desire to show good performance gives strength to work with full dedication. During this period the time tracker shows high performance. The problem is that such productive behavior during the first months is typical both for employees who are suitable for a job and who are not. And if you make a mistake choosing a wrong person for the job, then, at the end of “adaptation”, you will hire an inefficient employee.
  2. Inappropriate psychological conditions can also make an active staff member unproductive. For example, if there is significant organizational change in a company of and an employee used to work in a clear-cut system. Even an upscale professional may feel discomfort in such a situation. This decline in productivity will be recorded by the time tracker, although the quality of an employee has not suffered in any way.
  3. A situation when a professional grew out of his position and perhaps of the company is not uncommon. Or quite the opposite: an employee cannot keep up with the growth of his duties and new challenges of the company. In both cases, this will reduce an employee’s productivity. To prevent this there is a need to diagnose the team efficiency periodically which can be done conveniently using the time tracker.
  4. An employee can become Ineffective if a company has not developed a clear system of motivation, rewards, and punishments. When each team member understands exactly how to assess the effectiveness of their work and that it is objective, reduced performance becomes unlikely. This is confirmed by the data collected by the time tracker.

When a manager finds and solves the problems causing the reduced efficiency of employees, positive results are to be expected soon (and this will be reflected by the time tracker). There are only two possible scenarios: either an employee will come back to normal and will work efficiently, or he will leave the company, which is often good for both parties.

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