Warehouse in enterprises: the process of order picking

Business process optimization directed to improvement of the process of order picking includes the following stages:

  1. Creating of a model of the process of order picking and dividing it into procedures.
  2. Providing of measurements of time spent on each procedure.
  3. Finding of ways and appropriate techniques based on the principles of lean management, in order to optimize the business process of order picking.
  4. Changing of employee motivation in a way managers had the desire to become more effective in the business process of order picking.

Process modeling

The process of modeling takes approximately a month. First, it is important to gather all information concerning the business process itself. The best way to get it is to interview warehouse personnel. Based on this information, the business process of order picking “as it is” should be modeled.

After the business process is modeled, you need to develop an application form containing all necessary information on the order. This form should contain information on the order status, which should be the indicator of the order readiness. Each change in the order status means the ending of each stage of work with the order.

Calculation of time spent on the business process of order picking

The next two weeks of preparations to business process optimization in a warehouse is better to spend providing measurements of time spent on certain procedures of the business process. Each procedure should have approximate time of implementation. So, it will be possible to form time standards for each of them.

Optimization of business processes in a warehouse

The next month of working on improvement of the work of a warehouse should be spent on finding ways of optimization of business processes of application processing.

  • Eliminating of weak points of the process. This technique is aimed at defining and eliminating of procedures where a business process becomes non-optimal. In the process of order picking it is usually the stage of order checking.
  • Establishing of orders priority. This activity excludes mistakes and sets the order of employee work.
  • Eliminating of delays in procedures. The procedures of a warehouse suppose the process of finding correct items and their distribution. That’s why the task is to provide correct distribution of goods in warehouse building.

  Changing of employee motivation

This step is a significant aspect of business process optimization. Employees of a warehouse should have appropriate qualification and experience in order to perform effectively. That’s why employee motivation should be formed in a way employees wanted to enlarge their effectiveness.

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