Warehouse management. Personnel motivation

Warehouse management. Personnel motivation

A company-distributor or a logistic operator leaves the warehouse management in your trust. Your aim is to provide increasing of labor efficiency, reducing of the number of expenditures, providing of appropriate level of quality, satisfying of requirements of stock accounting and storage conditions of goods.

How to start? What you need to make this huge mechanism work smooth and accurately? The main aim of a warehouse manager is to organize effective work and cooperation of employees.

Building of the structure of personnel management

Divide your managers to the groups of “operativists” and “controllers”:

  • First group is managers who provide planning and management of labor recourses. Their objectives are making of work teams, shifts, being in charge of time trackers, rate setting, planning of the amount of employees according to periodic daily, weekly or seasonal loads, control after technologies, etc. The main aim of this group is providing of personnel management in order to optimize business-processes of the warehouse. Using of time trackers in this case can help to save time on routine tasks of employees monitoring.
  • “Controllers” are divided into two groups: controllers of conditions of storage requirements. They control appropriate conditions of storage: temperature, humidity, cleanliness level, etc. Presence of medical cards and providing of medical examination is also under their control if needed. Then, “controllers” accept complaints of clients, define reasons of such mistakes, provide monitoring of mistakes, take part in working on actions concerning correcting of these mistakes. “Controllers” are also involved into employees monitoring as they check time tracker reports and can assume measures according to indexes of effectiveness of each employee.

Personnel recruiting and training

It is necessary to understand that recruiting of personnel should be provided constantly whether there are some vacant positions or not. It is one of tools for rising of quality of the workforce in your division. To provide this, you need a backup of 5% of the total number of division. If the mechanism of work with personnel is well-organized, there are no vacant positions. At the same time, there should be 5-7% of work personnel rotation yearly. In this case this rotation is a normal mechanism for correcting of recruitment mistakes. A time tracker should monitor effectiveness of employees. And it is important to set limits alterations from which mean whether an employee is able to cope with work tasks or not. You don’t need to work with ineffective employees. It puts your profit at stake.

Professional training can be aimed to train freshmen or to raise qualification of already experienced employees. Trainings for freshmen are provided individually during a month. After that, he starts a probationary period. If a time tracker or other tools of monitoring show that he isn’t skilled enough, he gets back to training or a probationary period is recognized as failed. Training of experienced employees is provided according to objectives of improvement of current situation. Results of such trainings should be seen in business-processes.

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