What is certification of job competence?

What is certification of job competence

Legal framework

According to the law, not every employee should have certification of job competence.

Employees connected with certain types of activities should have a certification. They are:

  • Government employees
  • Employees of some areas of economic activity
  • Employees connected with production progressing in electrical power engineering
  • Employees connected with maneuverable works and train services in railways
  • Workers responsible for safety of navigation
  • Workers of production facilities with heightened danger
  • Workers of facilities of storing and elimination of chemical weapons
  • Aviation industry personnel
  • Employees dealing with ionizing radiation sources
  • Librarians
  • Outer space infrastructure personnel
  • Managing and teaching personnel of educational institutions
  • Management of unitary enterprises

In other cases certification can be provided voluntarily. There are no rules which forbid any kinds of certification. However, employers should set a list of rules and orders of certification.

Regulations of personnel certification

Taking into consideration the fact that methods of employee assessment should be developed by human recourse management on the basis of specifics of a company’s operation, qualification of personnel and other factors of management, there is no sense to formulate any certain recommendations.

That is why it would be appropriate to list only basic moments of local Regulations of personnel certification of job competence:

  1. Distinct designation of personnel liable and not liable for certification
  2. Time limits and periodicity of certification
  3. Order of informing of personnel about future certification
  4. Kinds and purposes of assessment procedures (including time tracker indexes)
  5. Order of certification commission
  6. Results of certification
  7. Making of reports, including data got from a time tracker, and individual recommendations to each employee
  8. Deadlines of certification results implementation
  9. Corrective actions for personnel
  10. Order of termination of labor contracts according to results of certification.

Important moments

It is important to remember that a time tracker can help human recourse department to make more profound analysis of certification results. An employee can be skilled and experienced enough in his professional sphere, however, his time tracker indexes can show deplorable results.

Assessment of certification results should not be accompanied with criticism, as employees start regarding certification as a procedure for reducing of personnel amount.

You should not correlate certification results with the level of salaries. Let a time tracker calculate appropriate wages for you.




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