Tariffs and services

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Cloud-hosted version

$4 per month
for one employee
  • Installation for a few minutes

    Install statistics collection modules on computers, and CrocoTime is ready to use.

  • Flexible payment system

    Monthly payment on the lowest price or annual payment with 20% discount.

  • Without additional investments on equipment

    Monthly payment on the lowest price or annual payment with 20% discount.

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Local version

  • Support of Active Directory

    Integration of organizational structure and employees with Active Directory.

  • Perpetual license

    You pay once and use without time limits.

  • It works without the Internet

    To run the system only local network is needed.

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Additional services


We can provide CrocoTime integration with other applications, including telephony systems, corporate calendars, turnstiles and human resource systems. You can find out right now whether it is possible to integrate CrocoTime with a system used in your business

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Consulting services

Saving time is easy now! Use our consulting services and you will get analysis of your company work, as well as tips for improving of productivity of business-processes, based on the experience of more than 500 of our clients.

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