Customers feedback

«We calculated value of our services to the ruble»

The problem:
We were looking for a solution which helps employees to assess their working time by themselves. The purpose of using of time tracking was improving of quality and speed of customer service which can be achieved by high internal optimization and increasing of employee productivity.

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Irina Semushkina
Deputy Director of Rödl & Partner in Russia

Finance & consulting

and more than 50 companies

«Employees were satisfied with the new distribution of tasks»

The problem:
It was impossible to determine time spending on work with certain programs and applications. It didn’t give an opportunity to understand the value of different business-processes to production and company’s customers as well as to analyze the workload of employees.

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Alexander Gromov
Director of Business Process Management of Hellmann in Russia

Manufacturing & energy industries

and more than 20 companies

«Customers are fond of a new approach to the work»

The problem:
It is very important for KellyServices to give customers to understand that the personnel, who are offered by the company for fulfilling their tasks will be effective.

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Alexander Britov
IT-director of KellyServices

Retail and other sectors

and more than 600 companies

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